Systems Integration

STE has considerable experience in systems integration and the successful design and deployment of IT technology in line-of-business solutions across different platforms and diverse industries. STE helps its customers to efficiently structure their projects to meet their needs by assisting in development, deployment, and planning and project delivery. With STE plans in place, the customer can confidently proceed with implementation independently or with the participation of the STE Systems Integration Group if required. Working on site, STE is committed to providing the most suitable systems integration solution and the most appropriate high availability solution. Business customers will benefit from application of the IT life cycle frameworks which offer best practice processes, guidance and tailor-made solutions for managing the entire IT life cycle (planning, site preparation, construction, maintenance, operation and support). Our systems integration and high availability solutions include :

Integration of different systems platforms

Design and implementation of high availability solutions

Installation and commissioning of data networks

Integrated solutions covering a defined spectrum of services

Voice, video and data integration

Network and data management

Customer centered systems integration and software solutions

Data integrity solutions